My design work and writings have been published in The Classicist, The Other Modern (Academy Press), Vermont Magazine, Old House Interiors, New Old House, Period Homes, Traditional Building, Style 1900, Building Classical (Academy Editions), The New Independent Home (Chelsea Green Press), The Art of Building Cities (Academy Press), The Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Press), A Decade of Art and Architecture: 1992-2002 (Inst. Classical Architecture), William Morris and Morris & Co. (V&A Publications), Bungalow Style (Taunton Press), Colonial Style (Taunton Press), Life of a Balinese Temple (UH Press), Tales of a Charmed Life: A Balinese Painter Reminisces (UH Press). Presently I am working on a book about Vermont's architecture.

Bibliography of Magazine Articles

"Philosophy of Arts and Crafts" by Sandra Vitzthum
Period Homes
- September, 2005

"Refined and Rusticated: Using the Arts and Crafts Style" by Martha McDonald
Period Homes
- Autumn 2003

"Circus Camp in Vermont"
Traditional Building - January 2004

"English Arts and Crafts" by J. Robert Ostergaard
New Old House Magazine
- Fall 2005

"Past Perfected" by Nancy E. Berry
New Old House Magazine
- Winter 2006

"Bookends" by Martha McDonald
Traditional Building - April 2007

"Something Old, Something New" by Nancy E Berry
New Old House Magazine - Summer 2008

"Uptown Authentic" by Nancy E Berry
New Old House Magazine - Fall/Winter 2009

"A Cottage with Gothic Appeal" by Sandy Vitzthum
Old-House Interiors - July 2010

"Just the Right Size" by Phil Jordan
Vermont Magazine - July/August 2011

"Bright Spot" by Nancy E Berry
 New Old House - Fall/Winter 2011

"Casual Country" by Nancy E Berry
 New Old House - Kitchens/Baths 2013

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