The best buildings spring from their surroundings, both natural and cultural, and from the people who will occupy them. These buildings nurture the relationship between a particular people and place. My passion, and the purpose of my work, is to create harmonious buildings and to make the act of dwelling--both publicly and privately--more meaningful.

For me, traditional proportions, details, and crafts create this harmony among structure, inhabitants, and land. There is a tangible joy in shaping a local, living material with our own hands; this joy is rediscovered by later users of the space.

Using traditional, low-energy materials and designing buildings that take advantage of local climate furthers the relationship between people and place.

My buildings are sited carefully, both from the inside to take advantage of views and solar exposure, and from the outside where gardens, porches, and terraces knit my buildings to the land. In keeping with tradition, I use "old-fashioned" and native plants that are perennial and require little maintenance.

By keeping my office small I am able to work closely with each client, contractor, and supplier to make every building fit together smoothly. A talented network of interiors specialists, structural and civil engineers, landscape architects, and draftspeople help me as needed; a team is tailored to each project.

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