Golden Shamrock Irish Pub, South Bend, Indiana, Conceptual Plan

For many years, the University of Notre Dame has limited pubs around its campus. There is a real need for places for students, faculty, and townspeople to gather casually.

One alumnus hopes to correct this deficiency. Having travelled extensively through Ireland and England, he appreciates the hospitable and cozy atmosphere of a good pub. He hopes to create an authentic pub with many alcoves (cozies), a larger area for musicians to perform, and some private rooms for parties.

The first proposal was for an urban site on the edge. Modelled on Victorian American commercial architecture, this design would help set a traditional tone for the new street that the University is planning.

The current proposal is for a site a little further from campus, in a residential neighborhood. We decided to create a village pub with a pleasant terrace.

Both proposals use the soft yellow brick and red stone that Notre Dame's oldest buildings were made with.


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