Information Booth, Montpelier, Vermont

This project was a true citizens' effort; all the materials and labor were donated or purchased through donations because people loved the timeless, authentic proportions and details of this design. The classical exterior uses Greek Revival details and proportions, as well as salvaged doors and local materials such as slate.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of the booth's success is the place it has won in resident's hearts. People now give directions using it as a landmark; pots of flowers are donated to decorate it, and volunteers keep it tidy.

Winner of the Montpelier Heritage Group Merit Award for sensitive design and construction, 1998.

This project has been featured in "A View of the Process: Vitruvius in Vermont," The Classicist, vol. 4 (1997), pp. 52-55, The Art of Building Cities (Academy Press), and Design Professionals (Wiley).


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