Public Library, Craftsbury, Vermont

Craftsbury Common is an early Vermont settlement around a traditional green; it so remarkably well preserved and picturesque that it has been used as the setting for several movies. The community outgrew their present library, which is the primary gathering space in the village. The new building had to respect and complement the Common yet function as a modern library with minumal staff.

The resulting design is a simple T-shaped building with heavy but simple Doric ornament. The collection rooms are envisioned as wings to help keep the massing small. Two porches tie the building to the Common and to a garden, so that all may enjoy the library's magnificent view of Mount Mansfield.

Inside, the public spaces were kept simple and open.  The building is used almost constantly for community functions, including yoga class, children's activities, chamber music performances, and movie nights.

This project was featured in:

"Bookends" by Martha McDonald

Traditional Building - April 2007


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