Kitchen Addition, Montpelier, Vermont

Designing a kitchen that respects the age of an old house can be a tricky task.  This kitchen was returned to its original place in its ca. 1840 house, back to the heart of the home.  The new design blends both function and aesthetic for a restoration that reflects the kitchen's past. I chose a stove that would be the physical and symbolic hearth of the house, a bright red AGA. 

I settled on an "unfitted" composition, using contrasting colors and materials in the space. I designed a dresser for storing food and other daily-used items.  Everything else, including the refrigerator, is stored in the pantry.

The room's only built-in cabinetry is over the salvaged sink with a double drainboard, making an efficient and pleasant work station for washing dishes. 

The kitchen had been moved to the farmhouse's "back shed" in the '50's.  The space is now functioning as a mud room again, with lots of hooks and cubbies for storage.

For Further Reading:

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